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Author:  andrew [ April 9th, 2014, 9:06 am ]
Post subject:  Attention New Users

Hi to anyone wanting to register on the board: In order to keep the armies of spammers at bay we have to make registration an approved process.
If you have an obvious user name (ie leftybass/basslefty/4stringlefty/etc.) we'll often just activate your account automatically. But if your user name isn't obvious then you'll be sent an email you must respond to in order to be activated, so if you have a strong spam filter, make sure your registration email isn't in your spam box.

I often see user names well after the fact that I have emailed to confirm registration and recognize from another board. So I know you're real people looking to participate here, but if you never answered my email at the time that suggests you never got the registration email.

I went through the list today and approved a few less obvious user names I now know from other boards, and deleted the rest. So if your account is still not active, please register again and watch for the email from the board.

Also to this end, if I've accidentally activated any accounts I took as real people but are in fact robots wanting to sell us cheap viagra, everyone please keep an eye out for spam posts and let a mod know asap. Thanks!

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