My two lefties
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Author:  Pete Gossett [ August 10th, 2014, 10:56 am ]
Post subject:  My two lefties

I guess it's time I share my two lefties.

This one I built with a friend/luthier about 20-years ago. It has a 32" scale, custom machined brass bridge, and Bartolini pickups. It also had a Bartolini preamp originally, but I didn't care for the scooped sound so I removed it years ago and run them passive - which works surprisingly well. The bass went through several iterations, originally the upper bout was more Warwick-like, but it jabbed me right in the sternum, so we sawed it off and added this one. The bass was originally fretless too, but my playing style doesn't work well with fretless and quite honestly I never had the patience to get competent enough to adapt.


This one I picked up over the winter, it's a Bryce sold by Rondo Music and was only $401-shipped with a hardshell case. It took a fair amount of setup/fret work to get playable, but I really like it. It was the only 30" lefty 5-string I found without having something built, and at the price I figured it was worth the gamble. I run super-light strings on it: .030/.050/.070/.090/.110 tuned G/D/A/E/B.


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