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 Post subject: Wolftronix Growl
PostPosted: September 10th, 2017, 8:10 am 
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I posted this on TB but I thought it'd be good to post here too given there's a decent amount of European and UK members here who will have easier access to Wolftronix (the company is from Italy):

I got a Growl pedal last week and I'm digging it.

It's great for mild overdrive, adding a little hair to your tone. It will do full blown distortion too but I think it excels at mild bite. Other than the RAT style reverse tone control, which works more like a tilt eq as found on the Diamond bass comp, it's really intuitive to use. For anyone wondering how the pedal was so bright sounding with the tone knob around 9:00-10:30 in the Excane demo, that's why, it's boosting treble left of noon. It is not an overly bright pedal and the tone control is voiced well.

I really like the growl switch, which goes from a subtle to dramatic change depending on where your other controls are set. I'll caution that it's not ideal for a change on the fly tone (ie. you won't be flicking it mid song to give yourself a dirtier tone. At least I wouldn't). It really interactive with your tone, boost and blend setting so your best results are changing those knobs with the growl switch setting.

My fave setting is growl switch on low, blend around noon, level at unity and boost set low (like 7-8:00). It's fairly transparent, putting a tiny bit of color on your tone. Not as transparent as some other boost/overdrives but way more so than many other popular dirt pedals.

I suspect this pedal will sound really good pushing an all tube amp. It also plays well with other pedals, and sounds good in the band mix, staying present without being over bearing. Balanced is a word that keeps coming to mind about this pedal.
I get the name Growl is a nod to the company name but it fits the pedal well, meant to add a growl to your tone, not a scream. While it can go from mild/subtle hair to full blown distortion the pedal doesn't come across as extreme and it's range all sits in useful territory.

Hope that's helpful. I'm still trying it in a few different projects, once I find a "permanent" home for it I'll update with what I'm running it with for a bass/other pedals/amp. Right now it's shining going into the Tech 21 dUg head.

I'm not suggesting they sound alike (though not wholly dissimilar either), but the Growl reminds me a bit of the Damnation Audio MBD-1 (another pedal I got in the past few months),
being less coloured, having a useful range from mild hair to full blown distortion and being a versatile box.

BTW demo:

Excane demo:

wolftronix_growl_001.jpg [ 132.13 KiB | Viewed 1770 times ]
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